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Rubber Waist Trainer Control Tummy Shape Waist


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1. Concerning the long front and short back design,the front extension can shape abdominal flab, while the short back does not press the hips. The hourglass design can fit the body curve and shape the waist, meanwhile it can support the chest and prevent the chest sagging.
2. The product has three rows of eye-and-hook closures design and flexible adjustment of elasticity. The closures use thickened steel buckles and double stitches craft, which are strong and durable, and not easy to fall off.
3. Eleven steel bones are soft and resilient, and not easy to cause deformation. The design can perfectly fit the body curve. Meanwhile, it can provide strong support, effective shaping, and can also prevent the rolled edge, while supporting the back and the waist, and improving the body posture.
4. The product has the high-elastic outer layer fabric with three-layer composite, which is comfortable and wear-resistant; The middle layer has 100% elastic rubber material, and its recovery force is good. The product can strongly control the waist, and reshape the waist line. Meanwhile, the product has 100% cotton lining fabric, which is wicking and breathable, comfortable and skin-friendly.
5. Shaping the waist line, the effect is remarkable.
Consistent wearing of rubber shaping products can get a slim waist, a flat stomach and a perfect hourglass figure. Wear them for 5 to 6 weeks, you will get a smaller waist size reduced by 6-8cm. If you excercise and have healthy diet while wearing the waist trainer, the effect will be doubled.
6. Exercising and losing weight magic tool
Wearing the rubber waistband in sports can increase the strength of the waist exercise, accelerate fat burning in the waist and the abdomen, and will create a better waist shaping effect. At the same time it can also play a good role in waist protection. The use of the waist trainer in sports can reduce the force on the waist muscles, protect the waist from soreness, sprains and other accidents.

Material: 96% cotton+4% spandex+100% latex

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