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Light Support Crew Collar Shaper Long Skirt


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1. Fabric: soft and smooth to the touch, breathable and comfortable, the drape of the fabric can well modify the body line, and the special thread weaving pattern makes the fabric more beautiful and three-dimensional;
2. Neckline: Retro one-word collar shows the skinny neckline;
3. Back design: built-in shaping mesh to beautify the back line;
4. Breast support design: the cup bottom elastic breast support design provides better support for the chest and can avoid wearing a bra;
5. Built-in stopper cup mouth: free to replace the breast cup that suits you;
6. Side draw: add a side draw mesh design to the inside of both sides of the chest,
7. which can make the chest line more charming;
8. Waist and abdomen: built-in plastic fabric in the waist and abdomen, waist and abdomen can be tightened, making the waist curve smooth and thin;
9. Long skirt design: a close-fitting ankle-length skirt that will reveal your figure’s curves with your steps;

Material:92% rayon + 8% spandex

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