Fit Guide

Strawberry Body Shape: 

You embody the vibrant allure of a strawberry shape, with your elegant, wide shoulders, and a graceful, substantial bust. Your figure, akin to the sweet fruit, boasts a petite backside, yet the upper half of your body shines brightly, dominating your silhouette. It’s time to accentuate your waist and bestow a gentle, feminine touch to your shoulders.

Pear Body Shape:

 Picture yourself as the luscious pear, with dainty, slender shoulders, and a modest bust. Your charm lies in your precisely defined waist, which leads to a round, inviting bottom. Your hips, generous and inviting, graciously take the spotlight, surpassing your upper body. Your quest: to elevate your bust or elegantly manage your hips and thighs, celebrating the grace of the pear.

Apple Body Shape: 

Imagine yourself as the robust apple, adorned with a bountiful bust and a rounded midsection. Your shoulders are gently tapered, and your hips, sleek and slender. In this enchanting form, your journey entails the pursuit of a defined waistline, illuminating your captivating allure.

Hourglass Body Shape: 

Visualize your silhouette as the timeless hourglass, where your shoulders and hips mirror each other in graceful harmony. Your waistline, a delicate and entrancing feature, is smaller than your alluring bust and generous hips. Here, you hold the key to perfecting your curves and embracing their natural allure.

Sizing Guide


Discovering your ideal fit is effortless with our comprehensive size charts, tailored to specific product categories. Here’s how to ensure you select the perfect size:

Explore the “SIZE CHART”: Visit the product page of your desired item and navigate to the “SIZE CHART” section.

Take Measurements: Utilize a measuring tape to measure your bust, waist, and hips in inches. Ensure precise measurements for an accurate selection.

Select Your Fit: Refer to the size chart corresponding to the product and identify the size that aligns with your measurements.

With these simple steps, you’ll confidently find the size that perfectly complements your unique shape and style.

While we aim for consistency, it’s essential to consider product materials and compression levels. For items with firm or extra-firm compression, we recommend selecting a size slightly larger than your standard size. This adjustment ensures comfort and an ideal fit across various styles.

If your measurements straddle two sizes, opt for the larger size to ensure a comfortable fit. Don’t fret—if it doesn’t quite measure up, we offer hassle-free exchanges so you can find your perfect fit.

  • Super Comfy Compression (Light Control or Smoothing): Ideal for everyday wear, these pieces offer light control to smooth out those little trouble spots, ensuring comfort from dawn to dusk.
  • Medium Compression (Flexible Control or Shaping): Crafted from stretchy, supple fabrics, these shapewear options provide flexible control, moving comfortably with your body while subtly enhancing your curves.
  • High Compression (Firm Control or Sculpting): For more pronounced contouring, opt for firm and extra-firm control pieces, often constructed with latex fabric for that firm compression you desire.