If you’ve been there at some point, you will agree that exercise can take away joy the joy of exercising when you’re forcing it on your body. While exercise has many benefits for your mental and physical health, forcing yourself can have often have the opposite effect.

Now imagine; what if you found a type of movement that celebrates your body and is a lot of fun to do? Here are some body-positive movement resources you can use instead of forcing yourself to workout.

But First, What is Body Positivity?

The term “body positivity” refers to a movement that looks to prove the idea that everyone should have a positive body image. It promotes self-acceptance, regardless of size, shape, skin tone, and other factors that affect appearance.

Body positivity is all about shifting the focus from physical appearance to your body’s overall health. A positive body image can help improve mental health, while boosting your self-confidence and self-esteem. As such, body positivity addresses unrealistic beauty standards and encourages women to feel good about your body in its current state.

Movement- Body Positive Resources

Encouraging your body to move can be hard, especially in stressful times when you’re struggling with your body’s image. It especially becomes challenging when the idea of the movement comes from a platform that views your body as a problem.

Body positivity suggests that movement should bring you joy instead of bringing you down. Your daily movement shouldn’t focus on losing or gaining weight. Instead, it should focus on having fun and getting your body moving.

Here are some body-positive resources that will help you experience movement in a way that fills you up with joy.

1. Music

Music can tremendously impact your workout routine, for the good reasons. Various studies reveal that listening to music while exercising can improve your movement and improve the results.

If you hate stretches and strength training because of pain, music can serve as an excellent distracter. With some music on, you are less likely to feel tired and sire before your set finishes. It can make workouts more fun, especially if you dread gym days.

Additionally, music allows your body to sync with the beat. So, fast-paced songs can help you perform much better in cardio workouts and repetitive movements.

2. Group Workout

Experts suggest working out in a group for people who find it hard to get physically active and often feel demotivated. If maintaining interest seems like a challenging task, you could use some help from your friends.

A buddy’s presence can be more encouraging than you might think. Their presence will ensure that you don’t get bored mid-workout, and you can always crack jokes and have a good laugh with your friends. Exercising with friends or family members will also increase your chances of sticking to your commitment.

 5 Body Positive Resources that Help You Find the Joy of Moving

3. Joyn

The Joyn app has everything you could ask for in a body-positive movement resource. It is basically a convergence of workout variations, technology, and Health at Every Size movement. Joyn includes movement classes that cater to the users’ specific needs and levels of mobility.

The app brings in new teachers specializing in exercise guidance and training every month. The trainers are excellent; their ideas are clear, and they know what they’re doing. They adjust according to your specific needs, so your session is always fun and never feels like a burden.

4. Body Positive Yoga

As the name implies, Body Positive Yoga focuses on yoga postures that help you stay fit.

You may already know that yoga is one of the oldest forms of weight-neutral exercise. It allows you to move your body and promote fitness without asserting that you should lose weight. You can learn yoga and become more confident through the Body Positive Yoga App.

You can interact with a yoga trainer and learn yoga postures and breathwork that you can easily practice at home. The app is ideal for people of all body shapes and sizes.

5 Body Positive Resources that Help You Find the Joy of Moving

5. Yoga for Everyone

Although awareness for more body positive exercises increases with time, it is still hard to find weight-neutral, body-positive exercises. Yoga is the easiest path to take if you want to take part in fun movements that do not tire your body. Don’t forget, yoga also relaxes your mind and body.

Dianne Bondy is a talented, world-famous yoga instructor. She also wrote a guide, “Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses for Every Type of Body.” You can access her yoga workouts for a small monthly fee on her YouTube channel, “Yoga for Everyone.”

Bottom Line

Body positivity focuses on accepting and appreciating your body despite its imperfections, feeling confident, and loving yourself. It also means having fun in your body without caring about the changes it goes through with time.

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